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    [News] IPTV multi-screen video industry is moving toward full media age
    To get involved in radio and television before coming Zuozhuang triple play , I felt broadcasting are cattle, there are so many high-quality content , will become the leader can perform triple play . Who knows , triple play did not shout loud , but we have entered the era of mobile Internet , this is indeed a new era, it changes a lot of the pattern of the PC era . Take the video industry, the original video industry Youku , potatoes are the top two , the two giants merged , so we thought the video industry , the difficult combination of chance and then shake it. However , in the mobile Internet era , in a multi- terminal , multi-screen era, you find the original , Youku , potatoes union, 56 were all acquired , Shanda acquired Ku6 was , in fact, in the mobile Internet era , we need to re-enact strategy, which all media strategy is a multi-screen strategy .

    In the course of the Internet to mobile end migration, each have force , you see all the teams Youku potatoes inclined to move , Baidu Fantastic Art M & PPS bring video services to increase the weight of its mobile end video services , music, as published by Super TV hardware terminal to seize the living room big screen , the popular network and SMG Blockbuster station network integration chase OTT development advantages, Tencent video , Sohu video is also looking forward to their own opportunities .

    In order to take advantage of the mobile Internet , various video companies also tried the approach , which has two major trends worth noting , first, do the "box " is involved in the hardware , such as mobile phones , giving users a customized product . Another popular network and SMG is Blockbuster 's OTT platform network integration brings the advantages of this form of development .

    Personally feel , customized products uncompetitive in fact , is spending lots of money too small a thing in return . And as the popularity of network integration with SMG Blockbuster stations and networks , and its essence is the powerful combination of complementary advantages and depth of integration , is more effective way to do things . Its implementation includes set-top boxes , it is an extremely important channel for content distribution , seamless combination of OTT, Smart TV , PC, mobile phone , Pad , so that high-quality content to more effectively reach the user , it is understood that the company , led by OTT to announce the client for one million licenses of radio and television broadcasters and new media operators. ( Data show , "OTT" Internet operators is Internet TV set-top box business, " nickname " , its essence is to use a unified content management and distribution platform through the open Internet , smart set-top boxes to provide high-definition video , games and applications , is a global "cloud TV " technology system architecture. )

    From the point of view of product innovation , it did Network combining multi-screen interactive , PC, Pad, phone, IPTV, TV and other multi-screen interludes , breaking the limitations of the audience , breaking the time and space limitations , so that interaction, sharing becomes became a reality.

    From the content point of view , the output form , due to the multi-screen presence , the same content becomes diversify away from the specified time , the limitations specified TV channels ; in the production mode , you need to produce content for the multi-screen , multi-stream , and more clarity, the video business , it is a new challenge ; in the user experience, multi-screen interactive , audience participation inside and outside the screen , and truly anytime, anywhere , with the screen , anywhere .

    Products , changing content , brings new value , new business opportunities such as advertising sales , such as the brand new promotion to get mutual fusion . Because the promise is so attractive, so knowledgeable , popular only great efforts to engage in set-top boxes . There is some evidence , Blockbuster recently announced that SARFT increased issuance 3350000 Internet TV client number to the Shanghai Television Station, also approved Blockbuster 2000000 Internet as the set-top box ( called "OTT" internationally ) client number .

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    On:[News] IPTV multi-screen video industry is moving toward full media age
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